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Online registration is not open yet. It will open in May.

Conference Dinner at Zollpackhof (Elisabeth-Abegg-Str. 1, 10557 Berlin) on September 27, 2018 (40,- Euro/Person; Students 30,- Euro) can be booked during the registration process (space is limited). A limited amount of beverages is included in the price.

A printed abstract booklet can be ordered during the registration process for 15.- Euro. It will be handed out at the registration desk.

Registration fees:

Main ConferenceEarly Registration
(until July 19)
Late Registration (until Sep 6)

On-site Registration
Students € 110 € 160 € 190
Postdocs € 160 € 210 € 240
Regular € 250 € 350 € 380
Members of theBernstein Network for Computational Neuroscience (*)
Students € 30 € 50 € 80
Postdocs € 50 € 90 € 120
Regular € 120 € 200 € 230
WorkshopsEarly Registration
(until July 19)
Late Registration
(until Sep 6)
On-site Registration
All Participants € 50 € 70 € 100

(*) The reduced fee applies to all members of the Bernstein Network for Computational Neuroscience. Everyone who is active in the area of Computational Neuroscience or in related fields can become a member. Please visit the website of the Bernstein Network for Computational Neuroscience for more information. Please note, you will receive your Bernstein Network membership number that is required for reduced registration via e-mail within 3 business days after the Bernstein Network has received your membership fee.

The membership application form can be downloaded here.

Please note: Photos will be taken during the event for public relation and/or documentary purposes, in online and print media of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience or related publications. By your participation in the event you consent to pictures being used in the respective publications.