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Valentino Braitenberg Award

The Valentino Braitenberg Award will be conferred for the fourth time at this year's Bernstein Conference. The call for nominations is open until April 30, 2018.



The Bernstein Association for Computational Neuroscience invites nominations for the Valentino Braitenberg Award for Computational Neuroscience.

The Bernstein Association for Computational Neuroscience presents the award biennially to a scientist in recognition of outstanding research that contributes to the understanding of the functioning of the brain. The major criterion for the award is the impact or potential impact of the recipient's research on the field of brain science. In the spirit of Valentino Braitenberg's own research, special emphasis is given to theoretical studies elucidating the functional implications of brain structures and their neuronal network dynamics.

The awardee receives €5.000 prize money donated by the Autonome Provinz Bozen Südtirol as well as an invitation to the Bernstein Conference 2018 (including registration fee, travel- and accommodation expenses). The award will be presented together with a Golden Neuron pin in a special award ceremony at the Bernstein Conference, followed by a lecture of the Braitenberg Awardee. 

How to nominate

Nominations may be submitted by scientists working in the field of computational neuroscience and should include the following documents:

  • One-page laudation, in which the scientific work of the candidate is honored with regard to the award criteria
  • CV and list of publications

Deadline for nominations is April 30, 2018 by email to

Please note that self-nominations are not permitted.

For inquiries please contact