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The making and breaking of E/I balance


Loreen Hertäg | Technical University Berlin, Germany
Henning Sprekeler | Technical University Berlin, Germany


The coordinated interplay between excitation (E) and inhibition (I) is the backbone of neuronal activity and cortical computations. New techniques for cell type-specific neural recordings in behaving animals provide an opportunity to revisit the concept of E/I balance and address long-standing questions. How specific is E/I balance in space and time? How does its specificity influence cortical computations? How do different types of inhibitory interneurons contribute to the co-activation of excitation and inhibition? What is the function of E/I balance and disruptions thereof? How does it shape information processing and learning?

Tackling these questions will require a combination of experiment and theory. The goal of this workshop is therefore to bring together theoreticians and experimentalists with different perspectives on the interaction of excitation and inhibition. We hope to facilitate scientific exchange that inspires new ideas about how E/I balance shapes sensory processing and behavior.