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Visuomotor coordination: from physiology to control systems


Egidio d'Angelo | University of Pavia, Italy
Sacha van Albada | Research Center Jülich, Germany


Visuomotor coordination involves a highly complex set of brain functions encompassing a large number of brain regions, which interact dynamically not only with each other but also with the environment. Understanding these processes requires expertise from multiple angles, including physiology, systems neuroscience, and control systems. In this workshop, we aim to bring together insights from experimental and computational studies of visuomotor coordination, covering the main brain regions involved (cerebellum, cerebral cortex, basal ganglia), and their interactions. The interpretation of observed brain activity requires knowledge about the information processing it represents, and the motor behavior it results in. Embodiment and interactions with the environment are therefore considered in the context of neurorobotic control systems.