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Measuring and modelling brain states

3rd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series - Final workshop



28.03.2020 um 08:00 bis
29.03.2020 um 17:00


Sölden, Austria

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The final workshop of the 3rd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series invites researchers interested in measuring and modelling brain states at multiple scales. At the cellular level, the appearance of different brain states (such as wake, sleep, anesthesia) are reviewed at the scale of neurons, from extracellular recordings in both human and animal models. From a modelling perspective, workshop participants will learn how cellular data can be used to build model networks of spiking neurons and how mean-field techniques are used to derive population models of different brain states from those network models. Together, these techniques can bridge scales, from neurons to the whole brain, and provide an integrated view of brain states and their responsiveness.

Participation is open to the entire student community and early career researchers, regardless of whether they are affiliated with the Human Brain Project or not. It is aimed to offer equal opportunities for all early career researchers regardless of gender, age, origin, etc.

Early registration is recommended as the number of participants is limited.


Participation fees:

Regular fee: 90 €

This workshop is a satellite event to the 22nd International Neuroscience Winter Conference. Separate registration for both events is required. Attendees of the Winter Conference can attend this workshop free of charge. In order to register for free, please send an email with your registration ID from the conference to

Workshop participants enrolled in a university programme are entitled to join the Winter Conference free of charge. Other workshop participants (non-students) can participate in the conference on special conditions. 

Registration deadline: 12 February 2020


Student presentations:

The workshop will offer the possibility of presenting your research in a brief oral presentation. Registrants who would like to present their work are required to submit an abstract until 29 January 2020. Abstracts can be submitted in Word format (max. 250 words excl. title and affiliations) via email to

Download the announcement flyer:  3rd Curriculum Workshop Series - Measuring and modelling brain states

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