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SMARTSTART MidsummerBrains 2

Computational Neuroscience from my point of view

SMARTSTART MidsummerBrains 2 - Mehr…

Mathematical Methods in Computational Neuroscience

July 15-August 15, 2020, Kavli Moen Gård, Eresfjord, Norway
4 week summer school

Mathematical Methods in Computational Neuroscience - Mehr…

Neuromatch Academy 2020

An online school for Computational Neuroscience

Neuromatch Academy 2020 - Mehr…

FENS 2020 Virtual Forum

The FENS Forum of Neuroscience is Europe’s largest international neuroscience meeting. The Forum scientific programme covers all domains in modern brain research.

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NEST Conference 2020: A Virtual Forum for Users and Developers

The NEST Initiative is excited to invite everyone interested in Neural Simulation Technology and the NEST Simulator to the NEST Conference 2020. The NEST Conference provides an opportunity for the NEST Community to meet, exchange success stories, swap advice, learn about current developments in and around NEST spiking network simulation and its application.

NEST Conference 2020: A Virtual Forum for Users and Developers - Mehr…

Neurizons 2020

Networks grow. Ideas flow.
The first virtual Neurizons conference

Neurizons 2020 - Mehr…

Neuromatch 2.0

An unconference in Computational Neuroscience

Neuromatch 2.0 - Mehr…

NeuroMat/NeuroMod webinars 2020

Mathematics and Neurobiology Intertwined
The series of webinars runs every other week, from April 16 to June 25, 2020. The event starts at 1 PM UTC (10 AM, São Paulo time; 3 PM, Nice time).

NeuroMat/NeuroMod webinars 2020 - Mehr…