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Weltgesundheitsgipfel mit Beteiligung des Bernstein Netzwerks

10. - 13. Oktober 2010, Berlin



10.10.2010 um 16:15 bis
13.10.2010 um 16:15



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The World Health Summit will bring together highprofile representatives from medicine, research, governments, industry, international institutions, and non-governmental organizations, to address the most pressing issues that medicine and health care systems will face over the next decade and beyond. The aim of the summit is to develop cogent and timely responses and solutions to achieve a better health standard for populations worldwide. The World Health Summit is the annual international conference of the M8 Alliance of leading Academic Health Centers and Medical Universities. The World
Health Summit presents the opportunity to unleash the
creativity and power of academic medicine to shape the
future of global health in partnership with public, private
and non-profit institutions.
Through the World Health Summit, the M8 Alliance
invites leaders from academia, the health care industry,
governments and civil society to share lessons learned,
jointly develop strategies and take action to address key
challenges in global health, health care delivery and
medical research with the aim of shaping the global
political and social agenda.
Under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela
Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the
World Health Summit brings together a diverse range of
public, private and non-profit institutions to accelerate
solutions to the most pressing issues in global health
care today.
Translation. We have to protect and develop our medical
innovation capacities and translate our increasing
scientific competence into prevention and improved
treatment of diseases across global regions. In 2010,
the World Health Summit will create opportunities to:
· Develop an international and cross-functional view on
optimizing innovation in medical research and transla -
ting this into practical delivery solutions
· Share international best practices on how to respond
effectively to the increasing complexity in medical
· Discuss opportunities and challenges in building
locally sensitive research capacity in low income countries
Transition. We have to take responsibility and leadership
in today’s rapidly changing world for the transition
of our natural and social environments by developing
innovative and sustainable ways of realizing health as a
human right from better education to improved health
care delivery models. In 2010, the World Health Summit
will create opportunities to:
· Share information on how to address the unique challenge
of securing health in global ‘megacities’
· Discuss innovations in health care delivery in infrastructure-
poor environments
· Consider how best to ensure universal access to
health care
· Understand how global health care must adapt to
meet the challenge of epidemiological transitions and
chronic disease

Transformation. We have to develop the cultural
requirements to actively transform the agendas and
collaborative joint efforts of policy, industry and science
into better medicine and health care.
In 2010, the World Health Summit will create opportunities
· Drive improvements in global health by creating a
forum for international metrics and comparison
between culturally adapted approaches and innovative
health systems
· Share international learning on quality and productivity
in healthcare and best practice to ensure sustainable
delivery of cutting edge solutions within available
· Discuss best practices in leveraging mobile and information
technologies to effectively transform health
· Explore how we can collectively accelerate progress
towards achieving a Millennium Development Goals 4
and 5 as the year 2015 draws nearer
· Debate the best means of achieving financial stability
in health care in an uncertain global environment

Expected Number of Participants

Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Campus Mitte
Berlin, Germany