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Important dates & FAQ

Dates not to be missed:

  • May 15: Deadline for Workshops Proposals
  • June 5: Abstract submission open
  • July 17: Deadline for submission of abstracts to be considered for Contributed Talks
  • Aug 21: Deadline for abstract submission
  • Sept 29 - Oct 1: online Bernstein Conference



This list will continuously be updated.

What are the submission guidelines for abstracts?
The body text cannot exceed 2500 characters (including spaces).
Although not mandatory one figure can be added: JPG, GIF, and PNG formats are supported, the size limit is 5MB, figure caption max 300 characters.

What topics can my abstract be assigned to?
- Data analysis, machine learning, neuroinformatics
- Learning, plasticity and memory
- Computational connectomics
- Motor control, movement, navigation
- Attention, reward, decision making
- Behaviour and cognition
- Brain disease, network dysfunction and intervention
- Neurons, networks, dynamical systems
- Sensory Processing and Perception
- Other

I have submitted an abstract. Will I automatically be registered for the conference?
No, please do not forget to register.


For any further questions please contact us: