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Neural dynamics underlying cognitive processing in humans


Human brains can perform well in complex tasks. Fine‐grained electrophysiological correlates of cognitive performance have become available with the help of patients that were implanted with electrodes. The electrodes record activity ranging from single neuron action potentials to neuronal assembly activity in local field potentials. Compared to non‐invasive methods, these recordings provide a much more detailed picture of neuronal computations.

In our workshop, Florian Mormann will first present how long‐term memory of complex items is reflected in long‐term recordings of concept cells in the hippocampus. Bryan Strange will present how neuronal assembly activity in the amygdala explains emotional processing. Johannes Sarnthein will show how verbal working memory is mediated by both hippocampal neuronal spiking as well as long‐range synchrony in hippocampalcortical oscillations. Finally, Leila Reddy will present how single neurons in the human hippocampus encode associations between related stimuli.