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Offline hippocampal activity: Neural sequences and sharp-wave ripples


The replay of neural sequences during hippocampal sharp waves/ripples (SWR) has been implicated in several cognitive functions (e.g., memory consolidation, working memory, navigation, planning, etc.), but the mechanisms by which the hippocampal network can acquire, sustain, and regenerate those sequences are still not clear.

With a few exceptions, both theoretical and experimental studies addressing this question focus on one of two aspects of the phenomenon, namely the local field potential (LFP) signature (i.e., the SWR complexes), or the underlying sequential activity. However, since different classes of LFP models impose different constraints on the mechanisms of replay, and vice-versa, it is important to address these two aspects of the phenomenon within a common ground. Thus, the main purpose of this workshop is to bring together the dynamical and computational aspects of off-line hippocampal activity, and thereby provide a common framework to study the phenomenon from a wider perspective. In particular, we aim at understanding the relationship between the oscillatory behavior of the hippocampal network and the different types of sequential activities it can support. Possible topics of discussion include:

  • The role of inhibitory ripples on the timing of principal cell activity and its compatibility with existing replay models.
  • The role of spiking activity in the genesis of SWR complexes
  • The role of network structure in the generation of different types of LFP signatures (e.g., ripple/theta) and sequential activities (e.g., forward/reverse)
  • The role of synaptic plasticity in generating SWR and neural sequences