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Abstracts - contributed talks and posters


Online talks and posters

The timeline for the online Bernstein Conference 2020 schedules four talk and poster sessions. Each talk and poster session lasts 105 min. This time will be divided in

  • 30 min dedicated to contributed talks, followed by
  • 75 min dedicated to posters

Submitted abtracts can either be considered as contributed talks or posters.

All accepted abstracts will be published online and will be citable via Digital Object Identifiers (DOI).

Abstracts published

Please find all abstracts here.


Contributed talks

Each abstract session starts with two contributed talks in single track. The talks are selected by the Program Committee to highlight and appreciate the outstanding work of the early career researchers. Talks must not exceed 10 minutes and allow 5 minutes for Q&A.

Selection of contributed talks
The contributed talks will be selected in a (double-)blind review process. Please design your abstract accordingly and ensure that no author or affiliation identifiers are included. Cite all relevant prior work (including your own) only in the passive voice or in the third person (for example, “It has been shown that… [1]” or "They have shown that... [1]”), do not use the words “my” or “our”, and do not include references to funding sources.
Abstracts that have not been properly anonymized cannot be considered for contributed talks.

If your submitted abstract will not be selected for a contributed talk, it will automatically be considered for revision for potential poster presentation.


The poster presentation is a platform for scientists to present their work to the community and actively engage in thorough discussions with other scientists.

Prior to the conference posters together with a brief pre-recorded poster-tour (max. 5 min) will be uploaded to the G-Node data infrastructure GIN. Supplemental material may be added, if necessary. Access is limited to registered conference participants only.

For the conference poster sessions, specific time slots will be allocated for the presenters who will then be available at designated virtual ‘round tables’ which provide video call and screen sharing options. To make the discussions more effective, we encourage the participants to view the pre-recorded short talks before entering the discussion chat rooms.