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The participation at the online Bernstein Conference 2020 will be free of charge for all participants. Thus the Bernstein Network contributes to keep the scientific exchange alive in this challenging year.

Registration process

Although the participation at the Bernstein Conference 2020 will be free of charge, you will still need to register.
The registration is now open. In order to register please follow this link and fill in the registration form.

Registrations are being processed during regular office hours (9:00 - 17:00, CEST). We strongly recommend to register at least one week ahead of the event.
The personalized link to the actual event will be sent to all participants shortly before the conference.

Registrations receiving us after Sep 27 will still be accepted throughout the entire conference. However, please note that the processing requires some time and you might receive your access information with some delay making you miss parts of the scheduled program.


General Terms and Conditions

By registering you agree to our Code of Conduct and Data Policy.

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