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Satellite Workshops

Satellite Workshops of the Bernstein Conference provide a stage to discuss topical research questions, novel scientific approaches and challenges in Computational Neuroscience and related fields.
In 2020 all workshops will be held online in a timezone-friendly manner.


Date & Format

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
2 pm - 10 pm CEST

starting time for all workshops: 2 pm CEST
flexible duration: min 4 hrs, max 8 hrs

The new online format provides us with the opportunity to allow fluid boundaries for the workshop schedules. Without the restriction given by venue requirements it is now possible to flexibly plan workshops of durations between 4 - 8 hrs. All workshops will be held in parallel online sessions and be moderated by the workshop organizers.


Selected workshops

Crossing scales: understanding collective neural activity

Organizers: Anna Levina, Roxana Zeraati

Confirmed speakers:

  • Gustavo Deco
  • Demian Battaglia
  • Viola Priesemann
  • Mauro Copelli
  • Gašper Tkačik
  • Leenoy Meshulam
  • Jakob Macke
  • Francesca Mastrogiuseppe
  • Stephanie Palmer
  • Sara Solla
  • Barbara Feulner
  • Gal Mishne

Dynamic probabilistic inference in the brain

Organizers: Anna Kutschireiter, Jan Drugowitsch

Confirmed speakers:

  • Cristina Savin
  • Eszter Vértes
  • Máté Lengyel
  • Robert Legenstein
  • Jannes Jegminat
  • Joseph Makin
  • Dimitrije Marković
  • Zachary Kilpatrick
  • Anja Zai
  • Ralf Haefner
  • Ann Hermundstad

Frontiers in the Evolution of Neuronal Computation

Organizer: Fred Wolf

Confirmed speakers:
  • Pawel Burkhard
  • Raoul-Martin Memmesheimer
  • Veronica Eggers | Silke Sachse
  • Marion Silies
  • Jan Clemens
  • Mathias F. Wernet | Katja Nowick
  • Stephanie E. Palmer
  • Daniel Huber
  • Julijana Gjorgjieva
  • Viola Priesemann | Michael Wibral
  • Manuel Schottdorf

Inferring and testing optimality in perception and neurons

Matthew Chalk, Wiktor Młynarski

Confirmed speakers:

  • Gergő Orbán
  • Constantin Rothkopf
  • Ann Hermundstad
  • Zhengwei Wu
  • Scott Linderman
  • Maneesh Sahani
  • Sean Bittner
  • Wiktor Młynarski

Leveraging Open Datasets from the Allen Brain Observatory for Computational Neuroscience

Organizers: Saskia de Vries, Josh Siegle

Confirmed speakers:

  • Saskia de Vries
  • Josh Siegle
  • Michael Buice
  • Huijeong Jeong
  • Xiaoxuan Jia
  • Rob Kass
  • Stefan Mihalas
  • Yann Sweeney
  • Josh Siegle

Neural computations: Learning and dynamics in recurrent networks

Manuel Beiran, Friedrich Schuessler

Confirmed speakers:
  • Rémi Monasson
  • Devika Narain
  • Ran Darshan
  • Guangyu Robert Yang
  • Kanaka Rajan
  • Alexis Dubreuil
  • Cristina Savin

Neurons are cells: the role of cellular properties in neural circuit computations

Organizers: Cian O'Donnell, Philipp Berens

Confirmed speakers:
  • Máté Lengyel
  • Yiota Poirazi
  • Romain Brette
  • Tatjana Tchumatchenko
  • Jakob Macke
  • Simone Mayer
  • Gabe Murphy
  • Ken Harris

The making and breaking of E/I balance

Loreen Hertäg, Henning Sprekeler

Confirmed speakers:
  • Sonja Hofer
  • Claudia Clopath
  • Rainer Friedrich
  • Christian Machens
  • Georg Keller
  • Loreen Hertäg
  • Anne Churchland
  • Yashar Ahmadian
  • Johannes Letzkus
  • Tim Vogels

Understanding Computations of Basal Nervous Systems: From Paramecium to Jellyfish

Organizers: Fabian Pallasdies, Jan-Hendrik Schleimer, Susanne Schreiber

Confirmed speakers:
  • Romain Brette
  • Kristin Tessmar-Raible
  • Gáspár Jékely
  • Fred A. Keijzer
  • Sally Leys
  • Wilhelm Braun
  • Julia E. Samson

Visuomotor coordination: from physiology to control systems

Egidio d'Angelo, Sacha van Albada

Confirmed speakers:
  • Junji Ito
  • Lawrence Snyder
  • Egidio d'Angelo
  • Egidio Falotico/ Claudia Casellato
  • Chris de Zeeuw
  • Reza Shadmehr
  • Carol Seger