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#BernsteinConference 2020

The Bernstein Conference 2020 ended with a very upbeat and positive vibe for things to come. Indulge in this brief glance back and enjoy the talks published online.

Some statistics

The Bernstein Conference 2020 proved immensely popular. It counted more participants (about 2800) from a much wider international diversity (63 countries) than never before in its history.


Some pictures

Some videos

Click on the icon to watch the talk or go directly to our VIMEO channel to view them all.

Please note! The presentations are the sole responsibility of the authors, who are liable for their contents.

Invited Talks

bialek_talk bialek_talk
William Bialek: Searching for Simplicity Michael Brecht: Isomorphic mapping and computation in cortical circuits
cossart_film ostijic_film
Rosa Cossart: Development and function of cortical hub neurons Srdjan Ostojic: Complementary roles of dimensionality and population structure in neural computations
ruta_film sussillo_film
Vanessa Ruta: Themes and variations: the circuitry of mate selection and pursuit in Drosophila David Sussillo: Universality and individuality in neural dynamics across large populations of recurrent networks
Fred Wolf: Evolutionary Transitions in Visual Cortex Design

Contributed Talks

Bc20_jensen Bc20_kobak
Kristopher T Jensen: Manifold GPLVMs for discovering non-Euclidean latent structure in neural data. H Dmitry Kobak: Phenotypic variation within and across transcriptomic cell types in mouse motor cortex
bc20_kossio bc20_mokashe
Felipe Yaroslav Kalle Kossio: Drifting assemblies for persistent memory. Subhadra Mokashe: Learning sequences of temporally correlated patterns.
bc20_russo bc20_starosta
Eleonora Russo: Coordinated prefrontal state transition leads extinction of reward-seeking behaviors Sarah Starosta: Dopamine and the algorithmic basis of foraging decisions.
Oleg Vinogradov: Neuronal cultures self-organize towards excitation/inhibition balance.


Some Comments