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EMBO workshop - Dendrites 2020

4 day workshop on "Dendritic anatomy, molecules and function" June, 27-30, 2020 in Heraklion, Greece

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Jun 26, 2021 09:00 AM to
Jun 29, 2021 07:00 PM


Heraklion, Greece

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The goal of this EMBO Workshop is to bring together scientific leaders from around the world whose latest work on molecular, biophysical, anatomical, computational and/or functional aspects of dendrites can further our understanding of how these beautiful structures contribute to different brain functions and their abnormalities.

Anthony Holtmaat
Dan Johnston
Hermann Cuntz
Holly Cline
Idan Segev
Jackie Schiller
Judit Makara
Julijana Gjorgjieva
Karen Zito
Linnaea Ostroff
Lisa Topolnik
Mark Harnett
Peter Jonas
Tara Keck
Terry Sejnowski
Wenbiao Gan
David DiGregorio

Panayiota Poirazi

Kristen Harris
Matthew Larkum
Michael Häusser

Abstract submission deadline
February 22, 2020

Registration deadline
May 1, 2020

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