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10,000 installations of The Virtual Brain

On the quiet Saturday morning of January 6th, 2018, an eager scientist tapped the trackpad – unknowingly making history and quite a few people danced on tables, toasting with leftover champagne from New Year's Eve: Because the 10,000th copy of The Virtual Brain was downloaded!
10,000 installations of The Virtual Brain

TVB 10,000 downloads

The story of this impressive achievement in modern neuroscience started 10 years ago, in a pub in Chicago where Viktor and Randy had more than one beer in the afterglow of an OHBM meeting – and a crazy idea: Running a scientifically useful, even individualized human brain simulator on arbitrary laptops and yet be scalable to HPC clusters.

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TVB is set to host NODE#6 on February 26, 2018. This TVB workshop will be hosted by the new professor for brain simulation, Petra Ritter at the Charité campus in Berlin, Germany. Registration and details will be shared soon on the website.