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Bernstein Center Berlin on its way to becoming a permanent institution

The Bernstein Center Berlin has been successfully evaluated by Charité, TU Berlin and Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. This entails the extension of the cooperation agreement between the three institutions reconfirming the institutionalisation of the BCCN Berlin.

Berlin, June 17

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin will extend the Interdisciplinary Centre for Computational Neuroscience ICCN for another five years after a rigorous evaluation process. Five reviewers were involved in the evaluation and were asked to assess the achievements of the ICCN and the BCCN Berlin. Thanks to the positive reviews, the "Kommission für Forschung und wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs (FNK)" recommended a renewal of the ICCN without reservation to the "Academic Senate" of HU Berlin.

The Academic Senate has now followed this recommendation and the ICCN will be extended until 2025. This evaluation and extension of the ICCN is part of the renewal of the cooperation agreement between Charité, HU Berlin and TU Berlin to continue its commitment to the BCCN Berlin and thus an important step for the Bernstein Center to becoming a permanent research institution.

 Evaluation criteria were:
    •    Quality of the research performed by ICCN scientists
    •    Quality of  ICCN scientists
    •    Training of young researchers
    •    Cooperation activities
    •    Internationality, gender and diversity status
    •    Development potential for 2020-2025
    •    Potential for advancing computational neuroscience

The Centre's equality concept was developed in this context. The BCCN Berlin strives to increase the number of female scientists in computational neuroscience and supports female students and scientists in their careers through appropriate measures. Gender equality and internationality are thus an important aspect of the ICCN and the BCCN Berlin.

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