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ERC Synergy Grant for Michael Brecht and colleagues

In "BrainPlay", the interdisciplinary project team, consisting of Michael Brecht, Daphne Bavelier, Robert Gütig and Dietmar Schmitz, is exploring the question about what goes on in the brain during play.
ERC Synergy Grant for Michael Brecht and colleagues

Michael Brecht, Photo: Neurocure

The researchers are particularly interested in how play contributes to learning processes in the brain. With a focus on learning through play, the large-scale study investigates learning mechanisms from the cellular level up to cognitive performance. The goal is to understand at the neurobiological processes of learning and how learning through play changes our brains.

Michael Brecht is a neurobiologist who conducts research on the relationship between brain activity and behaviour. His team is developing methods for measuring intra- and extracellular activity and for stimulating individual nerve cells. Over the past several years, his research group has focussed on social contact and play behaviours.

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