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Brains for Brains Young Researcher Award 2017 for Elise Rowe from Australia

Elise Rowe from Melbourne, Australia received this year’s Brains for Brains Young Researchers’ Award in Computational Neuroscience. The prize was awarded on September 15, during the Bernstein Conference in Göttingen.
Brains for Brains Young Researcher Award 2017 for Elise Rowe from Australia

Elise on our Bernstein sofa

The Brains for Brains Award of the Bernstein Association for Computational Neuroscience honors young scientists who pursue a research career in computational neuroscience and whose publication portfolio reveals outstanding merit at a very early stage of their careers. Applicants must have at least one peer-reviewed publication (as co-author) or a peer-reviewed conference abstract (as first author) which stems from pre-doctoral studies. This must have been accepted or published in 2016 or 2017.

„This is an excellent opportunity, I feel so honored“, said Elise Rowe, this year’s awardee from Monash University Melbourne. The charming young woman enjoyed the international conference atmosphere and gave the impression of being very much at home. In a way, this is actually the case as computational neuroscience is her scientific home. This is why the topics and discussions at posters, on the podium or on the Bernstein sofa felt very familiar to her. In a little interview, Rowe told us that her chief interest lay in psychology and philosophy. She chose computational neuroscience because it provided analytical access to mental illnesses. Elise Rowe’s work with complex data analysis, such as the analysis of EEG signals of schizophrenic patients, revealed a high quality and relevance at an early stage of her scientific career. To Rowe, computational neuroscience is simply „a good tool to investigate what the brain does.“

The Brains for Brains Award includes a prize money of € 2000 and the first issue of the newly established Bernstein Series in Computational Neuroscience of Springer dealing with Advanced Data Analysis in Neuroscience. This helps young researchers not only to visit the Bernstein Conference, but also to visit research groups in the Bernstein network. After the conference Elise Rowe visited the group of Florentin Wörgötter at the Bernstein Center Göttingen. We look forward to reading more of Elise’s work and we would be very pleased to welcome her as a fellow scientist on the Bernstein Conferences to come.


  • Virginia Flanagin (München)
  • Jan Grewe (Tübingen)
  • Martin Rolfs (Berlin)
  • Kerstin Schwarzwälder (Jülich/Freiburg)
  • Tatjana Tchumatchenko (Frankfurt am Main)

Relevante Publikation

Garrido, M.I., Rowe, E.G., Halasz, V., & Mattingley, J.B. (2017). Bayesian mapping reveals that attention boosts neural responses to predicted and unpredicted stimuli. Cerebral Cortex. (Accepted 15/03/2017):