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Join us at FORSCHA 2019

Listen and experience what your brain can do. Join us at FORSCHA 2019 in Munich, November 15-17.

Our brain is super complex - and fast! There are many things that have not yet been researched, and many things ask for questions. Researchers at the Bernstein Center in Göttingen are working on the question of whether one can hear with light or whether something like a light switch for the ear is possible at all? These questions are worth investigating at the booth of the Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience. Come and join us!

The hands-on experiment of the Bernstein Center Munich is also geared for your ears. Listening to sounds, not least music, is a great challenge to hearing impaired or deaf people. Try it out yourselves.

Visitors can also playfully experience what grid cells are and why they are so important to computational neuroscience or test their knowledge at the interactive brain nerdy quizz about IT, programming and data security.

Join us in hall 1, Booth A01! We're happy to explain our exhibits in English.

Special guest on Friday: Backyard Brains from the US.

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