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MidsummerBrains Webinar Series reaches international audience

This year, the MidsummerBrains lecture series of the SMARTSTART program is offered as a webinar series. Since it was shifted into virtual space, many young scientists take the opportunity to participate from different international locations. Until mid-July there will be two more exciting lectures on 'computational neuroscience from my point of view'.

Freiburg/ online, July 13, 2020

The webinar series "MidsummerBrains - computational neuroscience from my point of view" 2020 started on 24.06.2020. The kick-off lecture was given by Constantin Rothkopf from the TU Darmstadt on the interrelations between perception and action. He was followed by Hermann Cuntz from FIAS in Frankfurt, Jutta Kretzberg from the University of Oldenburg and Katharina Wilmes from the University of Bern. Their lectures dealt with neuroanatomy, sensory coding and plasticity of learning.

The series thrives on the mixture of excellent research and the speakers’ personal takes on and their passion for computational neuroscience. Therefore, each lecture is highly individual, both in terms of subject matter as much as in delineating paths into computational neuroscience. Young scientists in particular get an idea about the variety of starting and pursuing a career in computational neuroscience are.

Not even the summer temperatures of the last few weeks significantly influenced the number of participants in the four webinars. The coordinators consider the variety of disciplines and the gender balance of the participants as a great success.

Five experts from the Bernstein Network had already contributed to the event in 2019 – on site at the Bernstein Center Freiburg. The recordings of last year's event can still be viewed on the Bernstein Network's Vimeo Channel. The recordings from 2020 will be added to successively.

The series MidsummerBrains with individual representations of and approaches to Computational Neuroscience is part of the online learning offer of SMARTSTART. It was launched in 2019 by SMARTSTART Joint Training Program Computational Neuroscience, the joint training program of the Bernstein Network and the Volkswagen Foundation.

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