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12th International Neural Coding Workshop held in Cologne

The workshop took place at the University of Cologne from August 29 till September 2, 2016 (October 2016).

How do neuronal networks function? How do they control the behavior of humans and animals? And can they make roboters more lively? These questions do not concern only one discipline. In order to decode the neuronal code, experts from the fields of biology, physics, engineering and computer science work together. Around 80 scientists from these disciplines met for a week at the University of Cologne.

12. Internationaler Neural Coding Workshop in Köln abgehalten

The Neural Coding Workshop, to which scientists from experimental and theoretical disciplines are invited, has a leading role in the neurosciences for more than 20 years. The common interest of the participants is the elucidation of fundamental mechanisms of neuronal information processing.

Local organizers of the workshop were Martin Nawrot (BCCN Berlin, BCF Freiburg, BFNL memory in decision making, University of Cologne), Peter Kloppenburg, Moritz Deger, and Ansgar Büschges.

Read the complete press release by the University of Cologne (in German).

Website of the Workshop.