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Young and old enthused by research

The booth of the Bernstein Network at the FORSCHA in Munich was one of the biggest magnet for inquisitive visitors of all ages.

"Science fairs like FORSCHA allow young people to immerse themselves directly in the exciting world of the natural sciences", said the Bavarian Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo, patron of FORSCHA at the beginning of the fair. Visiting the booth of the Bernstein Network, he had the chance to experience for himself how research in the Bernstein Network is interconnected. The Minister was obviously very taken to experience how deaf people hear with a cochlear implant; this was part of an exhibit on the subject of acoustics research at the Technical University of Munich. (see picture)

For hearing-impaired or deaf people it is a great challenge to perceive their surroundings acoustically or to hear sounds, not least music, pleasurably. Visitors were invited to check it out for themselves and hear what it’s like – wow factor included.  >> More about acoustics research at the TU Munich.

Researchers at the Bernstein Center in Göttingen are working on the question of whether one can hear with light or whether something like a light switch for the ear would be possible? >> More about the Bernstein Center Göttingen

In addition to the listening exhibits, visitors could playfully experience what the 'nav in the brain' is all about, more precisely how space is represented in the brain; a complex basic research that was wonderfully realized by the colleagues of the Bernstein Center Munich.

The exhibits were very well attended throughout all three days. Further attractions were the interactive data quiz, where children and adults could test their knowledge of IT, programming and data as well as win prizes. On Friday, the Hirnkastl was as special guest at the booth; it is a scientific collective that wants to make neurosciences more tangible in an unconventional way.  .