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Online Learning

Photo: J. Kelly/ Unsplash

Theoretical Neuroscience I

This course is an (almost) complete video-based lecture series by Prof. Dr. Jochen Braun at the Otto-von-Guerike University Madgeburg; it comes with a learning script.

Computational Neuroscience from my Point of View

 "Computational Neuroscience from My Point of View" is a video series recorded during the MidsummerBrains Colloquium 2019 of the SMARTSTART Joint Training Program Computational Neuroscience of the Bernstein Network and the Volkswagen Foundation. 

 Advanced Neural Data Analysis - ANDA

This advanced course aims at providing deeper training in state-of-the-art analysis approaches in systems neuroscience.

The G-Node Advanced Neural Data Analysis Course (ANDA) is running annually. It is initiated and financed by the German Neuroinformatics Node, G-Node. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the course will be postponed this year and run again in 2021 in spring.