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Bernstein Centers (BCCN)

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With its funding measure "National Network for Computational Neuroscience", the BMBF has initiated four "Centers for Computational Neuroscience" in 2004, for which 40 Million Euros were provided. After 2010, five and later six "Bernstein Centers for Computational Neuroscience" were  funded by the BMBF with an additional amount of 47.7 Million Euros.

Major progress has been made in the study of fundamental neural processes over the last ten years. However, the thorough analysis of brain functions continues to be a challenge which, due to the complexity of the dynamic processes involved, is considered even more difficult than the study of structural and functional relations of the human genome. This task requires focussed interdisciplinary cooperation. For a long-term success structures are required that regionally focus a critical mass of experimental and theoretical expertise and focus their scientific research onto one topic of international relevance. The Bernstein Centers therefore consist of local centers, which strengthen the concentration and further development of existing capacities. A lasting impact of the centers will be guaranteed by the creation of professorships for Computational Neuroscience and the long-term integration of computational neuroscience into university teaching.

Together, the centers form the basic structure of the “National Network for Computational Neuroscience”. The training of junior scientists and the integration of the discipline "Computational Neuroscience" into university teaching form part of the Bernstein Centers. The Centers exchange views about the ongoing research activities and their results at annual workshops and status seminars to ensure close links and intensive communication and to support young researchers.


Funded Bernstein Centers: