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Plasticity of neural dynamics

Bernstein Focus: Neuronal Basis of Learning (BFNL)

"Plasticity of dynamical aspects in neuronal activity"

The overall goal of this collaborative project is to describe and functionally understand the changes in dynamic neuronal phenomena that underlie auditory discrimination learning. We will investigate this question in the auditory midbrain of mammals (inferior colliculus, IC).

Specific objectives are:
1) Decoding of the intrinsic (physiological) connections in the IC in vitro.
2) Description and evaluation of changes in IC fire patterns during discrimination learning in vivo.
3) Synaptic physiology of intrinsic connections within the IC in vitro.
4) Modeling of discrimination learning in the IC and evaluation of the model using computer simulations.

In the long term the projects shall identify stimuli that support auditory discrimination learning. These findings will open new possibilities to treat language disorders and facilitate the current development of auditory midbrain implants.


The BFNL 'Plasticity of neural dynamics' is a cooperation of scientists at the following research institutions:

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)