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Bernstein Groups (BGCN)


The BMBF has extended the National Computational Neuroscience Network in Germany by the funding measure “Bernstein Partners”. In this measure, 11 "Bernstein Collaborations for Computational Neuroscience" and 5 "Bernstein Groups for Computational Neuroscience" were funded. The funding volume is 12.5 million Euro, distributed over the years 2007 to 2011 (groups: 5 million Euro; collaborations: 7.5 million Euro).

“Bernstein Groups” are new local structural elements which extend the range of research methods applied at the Bernstein Centers. The Bernstein Groups will contribute towards the long-term establishment of this research field in regions without Bernstein Centers. The field of research within a Bernstein Group is more strictly focused than that of a Bernstein Center, but more complex than that of a Bernstein collaboration.


Funded Bernstein Groups: