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German - US-American Collaborations

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With the transnational funding initiative "German - USA Collaborations in Computational Neuroscience", the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) support German-American collaborative projects in Computational Neuroscience. The collaborations are supported by around 1.8 Mio € (starting 2010), around 1.3 Mio € (starting 2011) and around 1.2 Mio € (starting from 2012) from the German and the American institutions, respectively.

The German - US-American Collaborations in Computational Neuroscience are aimed at establishing transnational research projects, strengthening already existing collaborations between researchers of the two countries and raising them to a new level.


The following projects are currently supported within the framework of the German - US-American Collaborations in Computational Neuroscience:

First funding round, starting 2010:

Second funding round, starting 2011:

Third funding round, starting 2012:

Further German - US-American collaborations are envisaged to be granted in the coming years.